A “Jewish” Pogrom at Intel

The recent Haredi attack on the Intel plant in Jerusalem was far more serious than what the media originally reported. Aside from the rocks and obscenities hurled at those people who were standing near the building, the Haredim broke into a special synagogue and destroyed prayer-books and used the “shtenders” (miniature podiums) as a battering ram to break through the doors.

The rioters’ disregard for the sanctity of a synagogue is a grim reminder of what can happen when the local ...

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Did Maimonides really believe in a physical resurrection or not?

Maimonides’ position on the soul is very complex and this subject remains of the more controversial topics of Jewish intellectual history. Certainly in his commentary to the Mishnah, Maimonides includes the belief in bodily resurrection among the basic tenants of faith listed in his famous Thirteen Articles of Belief.

However, in Maimonides’ most mature work, the philosophical tract known as “The Guide to the Perplexed,” the great philosopher stresses the belief in the soul’s immortality and says nothing about physical resurrection.

One ...

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