Send Gaza back to the Stone Age, and Cut their Electricity and Gas Too!


One of the most famous attacks in WWII was when the Allies bombed Dresden. British historians love debating whether the wholesale destruction of this once beautiful city and symbol of humanism and baroque culture was really, “necessary.” Dresden is one of the tragic images that best depicts the style of warfare seen in the 20th century and it is a visible symbol of destruction. U.S. Army Chief of Staff, General George C. Marshall claimed the attack was necessary because it served to give a crippling and demoralizing blow to the German ability to reinforce counterattacks upon the Allies. In addition, it was also used as a munitions center. This attack eventually led to the aerial bombardment of other German cities. The attack served to also to disrupt communications and destroy industrial production.

Sometimes extreme measures must be taken in times of war. The modern concepts of war where one side at bests gains a slight advantage has proven time and time again  only exacerbates tensions over time. If the Allies would have fought the Nazis and the Japanese Imperial armies in WWII like the way we now fight these wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, “with one hand tied behind our backs,” we would have lost the Second world war.

If the Palestinians wish to attack Israel, like the allies did in Dresden, then I think we ought to return the favor in Gaza, I say that it is time for us to start winning wars like we did in WWII and let  political correctness be damned.

Had we worried about civilian casualties, many more lives would have been lost. Had we worried about not killing “innocents, ”America and its Allies would have lost because the fascists would have certainly exploited their  “human shields” as a military tactic. In war, hard choices must be made; innocent lives are frequently lost. The loss of human lives serves to remind the vanquished nation why they should never embark upon their genocidal plans in to destroy civilization in the future.

As I witness the thousands of missiles launched against Israel, I believe the time has come for Israel to borrow a page from American and European history and learn from the lessons of Dresden. If the Palestinians can attack the Dimona Nuclear Reactor and every Israeli city, then I say that the rules of war  demand a reciprocal response from the Israelis. If bombing civilian centers is permissive, then it ought to be permissive for both sides and not just one side. Asymmetrical warfare perpetuates a double standard that is not just. Nobody is telling the Gaza Nazis to attack Israeli cities, but if they do, the law of reciprocity demands Israel do the same. The Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank do not seem to worry about the nuclear radiation harming every country in the Middle East.

As we speak, the Deputy Defense Minister Danny Dannon (Likud) demanded that the Security Cabinet  cut Gaza from receiving their stipend of Israeli gas and electricity. “Supplying electricity and fuel to Gaza Strip must be halted”, Dannon, “It’s inconceivable that while we  fight Hamas, we continue to supply them electricity and fuel used for firing rockets at us. . .”  Ironically, the Palestinians are watching the World Cup, courtesy of Israel!

Is that how we expect to win wars? Did the Brits provide Nazis with electricity and gas?

If the Palestinians have to spend more money on their utility bills, believe it or not, this might make the people less willing to start up with Israel. Israel is under no moral or legal obligation to provide the Palestinian Nazis with utilities. If they wish to live in the Stone Age, then let them. They won’t be able to power many of their weapons without electricity.

If the Palestinian Nazis had the ability, they would not stop at destroying the “Zionist entity,” they would execute every single Jew, for every Zionist is a Jew.

Unlike Dresden, Gaza is a moral cesspool whose only export is Jihadism to the world. If Western civilization does not give Israel the green light to do what it takes, then each European and civilized Arab government will face a similar fate. And yes, so will we living in the United States.

If history has taught us anything, the enemies of the Jewish people never stop at just killing Jews. They will set their goals higher and expand their warfare against all peace-loving peoples. If Israel is unwilling to do it, then it must (as one writer from put it) “send in the Israeli military to completely dismantle Gaza’s internal production of weaponry, to build up stockpiles of rockets. This has created a ‘balance of terror’ between Israel, with its large and sophisticated army and air force, and Hamas, armed with several thousand rockets. Israeli deterrence has been eroded by Hamas’ ability to strike the central Gush Dan area.”

It is time to dismantle the infrastructure of terror once and for all.

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